We help small businesses excel online.

With hands-off custom managed websites, we've got your business covered!

Welcome to Webnii!

You’ve got a business to run; you can’t afford to spend all of your time making sure your website is online. Let us handle all of the technicalities of keeping servers chugging along for you. Don’t have a website? We can custom-tailor the perfect website for your business.

Solutions for small businesses

We offer easy-to-use web hosting and custom-tailored websites that give you a practically hands-off experience for getting the perfect website for your business.

CustomSite by Webnii


$200 /month

Every business needs a website. Get a custom-tailored managed website made just for your business that’ll set you apart from your competitors!

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Why choose us?

We have one goal: to help small businesses excel online. But just in case you need a few more reasons…

Easy to Use Services

Our services are simple to use – you don’t need to have an IT degree to get everything up and running! Managed services like CustomSite by Webnii offer you a nearly hands-off experience.

Grow with Your Business

All of our services are scalable and will grow with your business. Getting more business is a great thing, and using scalable solutions allow you to avoid plenty of technical headaches down the road.

We're Different

We’re a small business with a goal of helping small businesses excel online. Unlike large corporations, we share the same concerns that you do and strive to provide smile-worthy solutions.

Unbeatable Support

We’ll work with you to make sure that your business’ online presence gets the attention that it deserves, and we’ll never leave you hangin’ like some of the “other guys” would.

Need some help?

Not exactly sure what you need? Haven’t found what you’re looking for on our website? Drop us a line! We’re always available to answer any questions you might have. We’re only a few clicks away – day and night.
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