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Your customers expect you to have a website for your business. Building a website can be tough work. Maintaining it can be even harder. We can handle those headaches for you.
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Custom Managed Websites

We’ll build a custom website for your business and provide ongoing maintenance and changes.

Tailored Design

You’ll get an awesome design that fits your business’ personality. Your CustomSite will be responsive, which means that it’ll look great on computers, tablets, and phones!

Plenty of Pages

We’ll design up to five pages for your CustomSite! You can choose the pages, or we can brainstorm some great ideas ourselves. We can even write the content for you!

Editing & Updates

Your CustomSite will always stay up-to-date and we’ll provide you with included editing time every month. We won’t leave you hangin’ after your website is designed.

Search Engine Optimization

Your CustomSite will be built with Google in mind! We’ll also submit your CustomSite to Google so that potential customers can find your website quicker!

Email Included

 We include one G Suite by Google Cloud account to give your business an email address. Additional accounts can be added for your team for an additional charge.

Caring Support

We make sure that your CustomSite gets the attention that it deserves with personalized support that raises the bar.


Every business needs a website. CustomSite by Webnii will help your business excel online. With CustomSite, you’ll get a custom-tailored website that’ll set your business apart from your competitors.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are some of the questions that we get asked most often about CustomSite.

How long will it take for my CustomSite to be built?
We usually finish CustomSites within 7-10 days after we receive the responses to the initial questionnaire! Completion time can vary depending on how long it takes for feedback requests to be answered if we have any additional questions that come up during the development of your CustomSite.
What is the initial questionnaire?
The initial questionnaire asks some in-depth questions about your business, your business’ current website (if you have one), and some general questions about things that you like and associate with your business’ personality. The questionnaire helps us create a website that meets your business’ goals and matches its personality. It usually takes at least an hour to complete the questionnaire.
What can my update time be used for, and what if I need more?
Your included hour of update time each month can be used for things like ongoing tweaks to your CustomSite’s design or editing content. It’ll cover almost anything related to your CustomSite.

Update time cannot be used to create additional pages, write content for blog posts, or for support that does not involve your CustomSite. Up to one hour of update time is included with CustomSite each calendar month; unused update time does not roll over.

Additional update time (in excess of the hour of update time included with CustomSite) can be purchased at our Signature Support rate, which is $120 per hour billable in increments of thirty minutes.

What if I need more than five pages for my CustomSite?
No worries! We can create additional pages for a one-time fee of $100 and an additional $10 per month per month.
How much are additional G Suite by Google Cloud accounts?
Additional G Suite by Google Cloud accounts can be added to your CustomSite for $10 per account per month. Each user will have their own email address and 30GB of cloud storage!

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